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Smudge Bags Floral Love & Abundance

Smudge Bags Floral Love & Abundance

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The Sacred Smudge is an aromatic herbal incense blend crafted with the finest herb and spices and flowers to attract Love &  abundance. Prepared in a ritual ceremony infused with Rose Quartz Crystal.

Simple take a pinch of the Smudge mix, put in a heat proof container, light the contents and smudge. Can also be used on a piece of charcoal, if you wish a longer burn time.

This smudge is Blend of Palo Santo to clearing negative energy. Rosemary, recharge and bring satisfaction and love, Rose petals the aromas that  emante, stimulate the nervous system, counterstress and conet you with your emotions. Clove calms emotional conflicts and increases sexual power.

Rose Quartz, removes negativity and reinstates the loving, gentle forces of self-love.

It has a gentle, organic Patchouli fragrance oil.

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