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Love Crystal Filled Tube Necklace

Love Crystal Filled Tube Necklace

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Our Crystal Filled Tube Necklaces are a beautiful piece that you can wear to promote healing and protection wherever you go. With its beautiful crystals encased in a tube necklace pendant, it is a powerful accessory for those looking for daily support from their chosen stone. Put on this necklace and feel surrounded by calming, protective energies.

A combination of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz has been said to promote physical and emotional healing. These three stones activate the 4th and 6th Chakras, resulting in a transformation of energy into awakening and self-love. Said to bring about a period of nurturing and forgiveness, this trio of stones could help reprogram the heart to focus on loving itself.

The cord is adjustable in length and is made from a strong and durable cotton. Its maximum length is 400mm. The pendant size is 40mm long by 10mm wide.

All items are hand made and Mistico Gifts requires 7 business days to create your order before posting it. Shipping will be guaranteed on or before the eighth day of your order. For urgent orders please email before placing the order to ensure we are able to get it to you before your required date.

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