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Bath Tea Prosperity

Bath Tea Prosperity

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After a long day, take a moment to calm the mind and relax. Remove the quartz out of the bag and empty the contents of the plastic bag into the filter cloth. Place the filter cloth bag in 4 litres of water and bring to a boil for 10 min. Put the quartz in the water and let the mixture warm while it recharges with energy.  Fill your bathtub with regular water and add the 4-litre mixture that you have prepared. While bathing, think about everything you want to achieve. Breathe in the scents of the herbs and envision all the positive things you want to happen from now on. Remember that cleaning of the Aura is something that is gradually achieved. Do not assume that everything happens instantly. It is a process, and gradually you will realise that small victories appear along the way and that your stumbles will be nothing but challenges. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate your willingness to a new mental attitude, one that will allow you to take on renewed and positive energies. Rinsing is not required after this bath. ¸please keep your quartz as an amulet, on your bedside table or under your pillow.

Attracts prosperity into your life and connects with universal energy, thanking and blessing everything that comes to you. This flowering bath gives you the opportunity to shine your own light, to do what you like, and to achieve what fills your soul. Connect with this energy of inner peace and everything that is for you will come in perfect sync.

Find your essence with the ancestral elements of Mother Earth: Sea Salt: Releases you from dense energies. Rue and Rosemary: Powerful herbs that recharge and strengthen your aura. Sage: Cleanses bad energies, attracts high vibrations, encourages wisdom and attracts money. Chamomile: Invites love and provides good luck. Rose petals: The aromas that emanate stimulate the nervous system, counteract stress and connects you with your emotions. Citrine Quartz: It positively influences in the areas of education, business and relationships. It dispels anger and encourages one to look on the bright side.

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